After login logout problem solved

Ondrej Hanak hanak at
Wed Dec 22 10:33:09 GMT 1999

Hi all,
you could remember, that i wrote about subject few weeks ago.
I all time thought that this was made by CZ localized ver. of NT wrks.
Cause domain logon with US NT wrks was correct. Only on czech stations 
I can not believe that it was such stupid thing. Everything was done by 
restricted permisions for domain users in former NT server domain.
Only users from domain user group had permissions to read from system root 
(/winnt/system32). I found, that it was done to restrict login to some 
computers for some non-privileged users (non-listed in correct domain 
group). For example, students couldn't login in teachers office computers.
And this is the core of the problem. After BIG change (NT server to 
Samba) there were no domain groups. But users were authenticated by Samba 
PDC. So users were authenticated, but on local wrks they had no acces to 
system root. Win NT will not tell you, that system can't read! Only 
logout comes after. Again one "system solution" provided by Micro$oft.
You can login, but you can not login, so you will be logged out wthout 
any system message like access denied....
What dou you think about this great idea (i think this is 
recommended in resource kit) ?

						Cheers. Ondrej

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