Authenticating across domains

Christian E cej at
Wed Dec 22 08:32:42 GMT 1999

"Cole, Timothy D." wrote:
>         I have no idea if this will make a difference, but ideally rather
> than just the one BDC, you should probably specify the PDC and then all of
> the BDCs for the domain on the one "password server = " line, separated by
> whitespace.  (i.e. "password server = SMYDOM00 SMYDOM01 SMYDOM02")  At least
> that's how we have it here, and domain trust relationships seem to work.

	Ok, I'll try that here too then. Only problem is that the PDC is on a
WAN connection ( 128 kbit) and our BDC is here on a 100 Mbit LAN..Hope
there won't be any problems with slow connections...

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