Win2KRC2 finally joins the Sambanet domain :-)

Martin Huber Martin-N.Huber at
Wed Dec 22 07:13:30 GMT 1999

I tried the same thing and got it finally to work by checking out
the cvs code by date of 11-19. It seems that during the cvs reorganisation
some changes disappearded in the head branch. I also tried SAMBA_TNG -
the same problem. w2k couldn't join the domain.
The 11-19 code has another problem: swat doesn't accept any logins. So
I had to configure it with swat -a in order to be able to use it.
But hopefully the code will be cleaned up in the next days?

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Am trying the same thing with RC3 and it doesn't work!  Do you know if it
does at all?
If so, I'll not pester you any more and go off and investigate.  Just
wondered if I'm up a
blind alley!   I've got the latest CVS source.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Harris,
Psand España.
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> Hi,
> well, I finally have Win2KRC2 joining my Sambanet domain.
> Last problem was that I had a MACHINE.SID and SAMBANET.SID file and smbd
> was refusing to start ... Doh!
> Regards
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