Stephen Waters swaters at amicus.com
Tue Dec 21 22:47:15 GMT 1999

David Bannon wrote:
> Along comes redhat (and others) grabs things like samba and does it their
> way. Someone doing an upgrade a few months later needs to completely remove
> the redhat rpm and then install samba from the cvs, then go off and set up
> the startup files. I've never let redhat do a samba install, but I have
> wasted some time restoring an Apache one.
> Even if they stick with the rpm (control freaks shudder), it must cause
> problems. When people on this list for example, talk about file locations
> they almost always assume the /usr/local/samba structure, it must be most
> confusing for someone following the rpm course.

ever heard of SRPM???  just compile a nice RPM for yourself w/ your own
.configure flags. it's extremely easy. when you need to upgrade, get the
newer tarball from samba.org and use your old .spec file.


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