Common batch file? Can you "call batch.bat" from netlogon batch?

Thomas Heiligenmann thomas.heiligenmann at
Tue Dec 21 19:41:39 GMT 1999

You can make use of the %0 parameter to call batch files relatively to
originating batch file.
E.g. to call a file in the same directory:
call %0\..\other.bat

... to call a file one dir level higher: 
call %0\..\..\upper.bat

... etc.


Steven Hildreth wrote:
> Hi, wondering if I can setup a common batch that all users would use,
> along with their specific batch file.
> I tried to "call batch_filename.bat" and it did not work.
> I am wanting to create a series of maps and shares common to all in
> the company, and then setup each (some) of the users specific shares.
> Thanks for any information.
> Regards,
> Steven Hildreth
> Information Technology Manager
> Aprotex Corporation,
> "Proven Property Protection Since 1952"

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