Tavis Barr tavis at mahler.econ.columbia.edu
Tue Dec 21 00:39:27 GMT 1999

If you want to put the config files somewhere obvious by default, then it 
would make sense to make a directory called /etc/private or 
/etc/samba-private or something with a precautionary readme file, the 
way ssh2 does.

I personally like the /usr/local configuration because I can export 
Samba, config files and all, throughout my NIS cluster and run a 
concurrent backup server or two without really touching the config files at 
all.  But I guess that's a matter of taste.

I agree with Luke, I think the default /etc installation is a big problem, 
just because a lot of people install Samba on RedHat without reading 
through the documentation a lot if at all (one user in my department didn't 
even know she had Samba running) and we shouldn't necessarily expect 
them to.  


On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Andy Bakun wrote:

> > Thanks for smacking their hand over this. Redhat has a habit of changing
> > the layout of standard packages (ie Apache, PPP as well as samba). It is a
> > real pain because things are never where you expect them and you need to do
> > a fairly drastic uninstall before you can update.
> I never can find anything when everything insists on installing somewhere
> inside /usr/local.  Sometimes, they put conf files in /usr/local/lib, sometimes
> in /usr/local/etc, sometimes /usr/local/software-package-name/whatever.  I
> personally would prefer that all configuration files go into /etc.  One
> possiblity is to look for conf files in a number of places, like when the Linux
> kernel looks for sh when booting into single user mode: look in your "package
> dependant location", then look in /etc.
> > I advise people to leave out the major packages when installing redhat and
> > get them from the primary source, now I can use security as an additional
> > argument !
> I do this with all my mission critical stuff anyway, but I still try to get the
> conf files to go into /etc... this way it's easier to backup the system: /etc
> gets backed up, binaries in /usr are reinstallable.
> Andy.


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