Andy Bakun abakun at reac.com
Mon Dec 20 23:33:24 GMT 1999

> Thanks for smacking their hand over this. Redhat has a habit of changing
> the layout of standard packages (ie Apache, PPP as well as samba). It is a
> real pain because things are never where you expect them and you need to do
> a fairly drastic uninstall before you can update.

I never can find anything when everything insists on installing somewhere
inside /usr/local.  Sometimes, they put conf files in /usr/local/lib, sometimes
in /usr/local/etc, sometimes /usr/local/software-package-name/whatever.  I
personally would prefer that all configuration files go into /etc.  One
possiblity is to look for conf files in a number of places, like when the Linux
kernel looks for sh when booting into single user mode: look in your "package
dependant location", then look in /etc.

> I advise people to leave out the major packages when installing redhat and
> get them from the primary source, now I can use security as an additional
> argument !

I do this with all my mission critical stuff anyway, but I still try to get the
conf files to go into /etc... this way it's easier to backup the system: /etc
gets backed up, binaries in /usr are reinstallable.


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