Common batch file? Can you "call batch.bat" from netlogon batch?

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Mon Dec 20 20:37:56 GMT 1999

I wrote a little script that creates batch files for me.  With this script
when we add users it creates the batch files, and then whenever I need to
change someones batch file I do it in my makeLogin script instead of in
their actual batch file.  Then whenever I add a new user I run the script.
As the batch files for the users don't have any differences they don't
notice that I'm running the script.

In general it's probably not good to recreate those files all the time, but
it's easier to re-make the files than to edit each one.

Chris Tooley

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Subject: Common batch file? Can you "call batch.bat" from netlogon

Hi, wondering if I can setup a common batch that all users would use,
along with their specific batch file.

I tried to "call batch_filename.bat" and it did not work.

I am wanting to create a series of maps and shares common to all in
the company, and then setup each (some) of the users specific shares.

Thanks for any information.

Steven Hildreth
Information Technology Manager
Aprotex Corporation,
"Proven Property Protection Since 1952"

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