Samba, W2K, Dfs and LDAP

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Sun Dec 19 22:33:04 GMT 1999

Mike Harris wrote:

> Does Dfs and LDAP work in the latest CVS of Samba?Does anyone have it
> working between a W2K Server and Samba?Can anyone tell me what else I
> need to configure Samba with --with-ldap and --with-dfs?Does anyone
> think MS will ship free the extra RAM that'll be needed so W2K Server
> does not run like a dog? Many thanks in advance, Mike Harris,Psand
> España

I'm sorry I can't help with the LDAP stuff, but I thought you might like
to know that I have heard stories of W2K smoking Athlon systems within
an hour of them running. Machines worked fine with OTHER operating
systems (usually the ones that don't support the new "catch on fire" CPU

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