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Matthew Geddes mgeddes at xavier.sa.edu.au
Sun Dec 19 21:43:33 GMT 1999

Karl-Heinz Schulz wrote:

> Samba Share /public     =       /home
> User home                       /home/user
> In the moment I can map the user to their home directory
> \\server\share\home_directory
> The user always ends up at \\server\share
> Can I do it with NT login scripts or shall I do it with Samba/Linux scripts?
> Thank you

You need to create a share for EACH HOME DIRECTORY. It's a pain, but you share
the directory and map each user to their home directory individually. In Samba
2.x, there are some example smb.conf files in /usr/doc/samba-2.0.x (on Linux,
I'm not sure where the hide on other systems), where the 2.0.x is the version
of samba you are using. One of these examples has a method of keeping the load
small while having a lot of shares. I think it's one by Andrew "O Mighty"
Tridgell. Worth looking at.

Matthew Geddes
Systems Guy and worshipper of Samba team
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