CVS update: samba/source/include (fwd)

bs at bs at
Fri Dec 17 20:23:35 GMT 1999

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> andrew does not want me to add the ability for unix admins to decide
> whether to start and stop unix services.
> i definitely want to add the ability to start and stop msrpc services, as
> i find it a bit of a pain to do a killall srvsvcd; make; bin/svcctld about
> once every ten minutes throughout the day.
> andrew did not want the "magic script" option in smb.conf, which runs
> scripts if you copy them onto a samba server (it's a bit like rexec).
> if you don't speak up in favour, start/stop services as remote
> administrator certainly won't ever get added.  if you are just a unix
> admin and do not touch NT or do not use any remote unix administrative
> tools with the similar capability [to start/stop services], please say so,
> and your opinion will be noted but given less weight.
> thx,
> luke

Ok, clarification:

I am just using unix tools to administer daemons. But i *know* people
that want to start & stop all kind of services (yes, SENDMAIL(!) among
others like NAT or ftp or smbd) on a linux or bsd box with their
This feature *was* requested when i installed a linux box long time ago.
(A working usrmgr is more important btw). they *can* use a web
but they prefer NT-tool. please just dont ask me why. they *cannot* use
a shell.

What i want is that you can do anything you want to do with rpcs. I dont
care about the implementation (although a sambarpc-perl module sure
would be fun ;)

And not that i know any, but why wouldn´t some unix-admin want to use
when he has to use NT anyway? times are changing, not only geeks have
rights on unix-boxen nowadays.


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