smb.conf for rcpclient

David Giroux dgiroux at
Fri Dec 17 18:03:51 GMT 1999

I have built a shared library out of CVS Head components and use this
library from my application in a manner very similar to the way
rcpclient uses it. My program uses the SAMBA library to establish a
connection to an NT PDC and then it performs lsa-query, enum-groups,
sam-group-mem, and lookup-sids in order to determine the authenticated
user's group membership. My SAMBA library contains PARAM, LIBSMB, UBIQX,

My current version of the program, library, and smb.conf successfully
accomplish my authentication goals. All is fine in SAMBA land.

I am now looking into how to properly use smb.conf. In particular, I
would like to make sure that I only use secure dialects that perform
challenge response password authentication. There may be other things I
need to do as well. Does anyone know how I should setup my config?
Remember that I am a simple client (like rpcclient).

David Giroux
Authentica Security Technologies, Inc.
781-487-2600 x202

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