New Version in CVS??

Clifford Meece cliff at
Fri Dec 17 15:34:28 GMT 1999

So which branch should I be on if I want the PDC code?  What cvs command do
I execute to get that branch? I'm interested in enough functionality so that my
unix box will act as a PDC for w9* and winNT and can be administered with user
manager for domains.

"Lonnie J. Borntreger" wrote:

> I just got the latest CVS.  The version is now pre3.0.0 instead of
> 2.1.0-prealpha.  What happened to 2.1?  And the lsarpcd disappeared.
> Should I no longer be looking at the "head" branch, or did 2.1 get nixed?
> OTOH, this version configures again (has the previously missing util_sec.c
> and interfaces.c), and shows up in W95 Server Manager as the primary instead
> of the backup.
> Just wondering what's up.
> Lonnie Borntreger
> lonnie at

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