PAM, smbpasswd/unix sync

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Thu Dec 16 22:20:32 GMT 1999

At 03:33 AM 17/12/1999 +1100, CAE Samba Admin wrote:
>I've been off the list for a while, and I couldn't find anything in the
>archives, but a while ago there was some talk about including a PAM
>module in the distribution that would automagically update the smbpasswd
>file when unix passwords got changed on PAM aware systems.  Was there any
>further development on that?

A better solution (that I use) is pam_smb that lets me do away with the
unix passwords altogether. All user logins (samba, telnet, remote machines
etc) are checked against the smbpasswd list which is much better protected
that /etc/passwd

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