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Thu Dec 16 22:17:08 GMT 1999

At 02:38 AM 17/12/1999 +1100, Bobby Corpuz Jr. wrote:
>... I would like to know the number
>of pages my users are printing. 

I use a fairly effective system that has evolved over the last couple of
years. I sent it in to the Samba Examples section but don't know if it has
appeared yet. Briefly its a C programme that is called instead of lpr, it
does the accounting stuff and then it calls lpr to do the actual printing.

The programme, aprint, will only work with postscript printers.

I use the programme in two modes, 'count up' and 'count down'. Count up
mode, which I use in our research labs just keeps a record of how many
pages each user has printed. The other mode, 'count down' or credit mode, I
use in our undergraduate lab. Each student starts out with a certain
printer credit (100 pages per term) and they are not permitted to print
more than that. 

The programme will also check the paper size being printed preventing
requests for the wrong size from blocking the printer queue.

If you want a copy, please email me and I will send you the source and

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