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Pedro Manuel Rodrigues pmanuel at myrealbox.com
Wed Dec 15 15:57:53 GMT 1999

   May i recommend a wonderful resource for people working with Samba 
and NT? http://www.ntfaq.com. If you go there you can find the solution for 
a problem that also occurs with NT servers: "Drive mappings are being 
created by themselves. ". The guilty part is FINDFAST.EXE from Microsoft 
Office. At least in my case, when it was happening to me exactly what you 
describe. In fact, for me, FINDFAST.EXe was never worth the problems it 
creates. Let me paste the solution:

Q. Drive mappings are being created by themselves.

A. One known cause of this behavior is the FINDFAST.EXE application 
that is supplied with Office 97. If either set of the following conditions are 
both true then drive mappings may be created automatically: 

Condition set 1

u You perform a search in either the Open dialog box or the Advanced Find 
dialog box in any Microsoft Office 97 program 
u The drive you search contains shortcuts that specify a target location 
that uses a network drive letter instead of a universal naming convention 
(UNC) path (for example, \\<Server>\<Share>)

Condition set 2

u Find Fast is installed in your Startup group 
u You index a drive that contains shortcuts that specify a target location 
that uses a network drive letter instead of a UNC path

There are a number of resolutions to this

1. Install Service Pack 3 
2. Avoid searching folders that contain shortcuts (.lnk files) 
3. Change shortcut target locations to UNC paths, e.g. d:\folder\john.txt to 
4. Disable Find Fast

My experience with FindFast is that is uses up a great deal of system 
resources and is not worth the resource usage for what it does so option 4 
may be your best bet.

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Micha Holzmann wrote:

> i have here Samba 2.0.6 (Linux, 2.0.36) an NT SP4. I use Samba as 
PDC. i
> have one share called 'office'. Normally this share is mapped to drive
> g:
> Sometimes this share appears multiple. Beginnig with the next free
> drive, this share is mapped 5,6 or 7 times.
> Is this Problem with samba or NT. I have asked Colleagues which have 
> Servers, they do not know this behavior. Where must i look/work to solve
> this?

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