Real Problems with Samba 2.0.6

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I've found that WebMin is overall a little easier to use.  Things are broken
up more.  This however is only personal opinion.

I do however like the SWAT interface for checking active connections.

Chris Tooley
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    In short, you should read the smb.conf man page on the following

    lm announce - only needed by OS/2 clients, values should be true, false
or auto
    hosts allow - not sure, but I think you need a trailing dot, i.e.
    password server - this is for pass-through authentication by an NT
server or PDC, if you haven't got one, comment out this parameter.
    remote announce - you probably don't need this unless you a placing
Samba across more than one subnet.  If you are, I think you need to specify
both subnets.
    remote browse sync - same as for remote announce, also this should be a
'broadcast' address, i.e. or an IP for another master browser.
    wins support - okay, so the Samba box is doing WINS
    wins proxy - you probably don't need this for Win95, Win98 clients.

    What I would do is remove your existing RedHat config full of comments
and use SWAT to configure your Samba machine.  It's available on port 901 of
your Samba server.  It's much easier to use and get a basic set-up without
using too many parameters.  A very minimum smb.conf file should work, such


    workgroup = samba
    encrypt passwords = yes



    Running the above, you should be able to browse your Samba server using
Network Neighborhood.  It works fine on my RHL6.0 system with 2.0.6. :-)

    One last thing to watch out for is that Linux systems often use PAM
(Pluggable Authentication Modules) for stronger security.  You should do two
things to make sure this is working:

    1.  Compile samba with --with-pam, you may need to install the PAM
libraries package to get the ./configure script to work.
    2.  Make sure the file /etc/pam.d/samba exists.  If doesn't, you can
copy the file /etc/pam.d/linuconf, it should be the same.

    Hope that helps,

    Mike Harris
    Psand España.

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        Subject: Real Problems with Samba 2.0.6

        can you help

        I have recently installed Samba ver 2.0.6 onto Redhat ver6.0
server...I can't seem to get logged in using the MS Client software under
Win95 or Win98....

        However I can ping the server and I can telnet into it..My Linux
server does not show up under Network Neighborhood....what am I doing is my smb.conf attached

        Can you help


        Steve Martin

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