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Well, I think I have found an almost tolerable answer that will do.  While,
I'd still like to find a better answer, I decided that I'm spending enough
time on this that going around to each machine was becoming more and more

Anyway, I created the script on the server.  In the initial netlogon script
I map the netlogon directory (we use X: for in house reasons).  Then we have
a shortcut to X:\zlogin.bat (the batch file that maps Z: to the share we
want it mapped to.  This way all the scripts are on the server and all of
the machines are processing the info in a uniform way.  The two biggest
problems are of course that the shortcut must be on the machine and without
couple of other scripts the netlogon directory will be mapped to X: for the
duration of the access.

Thank you all for the tremendous amount of help.

Chris Tooley
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    Hi ...

        Sorry took so long to come back to you, but I keep forgetting about
time differences around the world .. and I hope I can explain what I wish to
explain ... anyway here goes ..

        This explanation goes only for Win9x clients ... if I try to explain
what I have done for my DOS, WFW and WinNT stuff I will never fire off this
message,  ... sorry, if you don't understand what I am ranting about, please
say so ... I hate it when somebody tries to help me and I just can't seem to
get what they are getting at ..

        First you should have already a Netlogin Path setup in you smb.conf
... you should then copy (and modify to suit your needs) the login.bat into
this directory.  I set this to "L:" for WinNT in the smb.conf and all other
clients in the login.bat ... I also have another batch file that sets the os
in the DOS env. so that I don't map "L:" in the batch file to WinNT, but I
have not put that stuff in the batch file for you.

        Now at the bottom of the batch file you should be able to map "Z:"
to the path you want, you might need to look at the net help use to find how
you over map a drive.  I would also suggest that you, inside the login.bat
file change your current drive and path to "L:\" so that you don't get a
missing batch file error or something like that.

        Again I am sorry this is so disjointed, I have had to take support
called between writing this ... so it makes sense to me, but could be a
little confusing to others.

    C.Lee Taylor

    P.S. Other thanks goes out to the Samba team for all their effort.
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