"One users experience" for Samba!

Alexej Kupin Alexej.Kupin at partner.bmw.de
Mon Dec 13 11:46:39 GMT 1999

Hello Samba-folk!

After I put some tips and trix on the Samba-Mailing list
many people sent me a thank you letter... 
At the end of my work I decided to put all of my experience on the Web.
I hope that it will help and will save you time...


This document contains a description of my experience with Samba
and will show you step by step how to install, setup and use
Samba and Samba as PDC. You will find here many solutions
(e.g. NIS-password synchronisation, server-profiles,etc...)

Additionally this report gives you an overview of existing solution
for integration of Windows & Unix-systems in one LAN.

Enjoy it!

PS: May be in the future someone(or samba team) will continue with this
kind of additional information and will put it on a better(faster)
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