unable to get user-list

Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Mon Dec 13 12:53:54 GMT 1999

Jens Puruckherr wrote:
> I use Samba 2.0.5 as fileserver without PDC functionality and some
> windows-clients.
> security level is user.
> works fine.
> But:
> I'm not abel to give free a drive on a client-pc because windows can't find
> the user-list on the server.
> Where is this list (- logo: on the Li
> Why is it so and how can I fix ist?

I think the 2.0.5 release cannot handle this RPC. in 2.0.5 is barely an
PDC ...
You could use the 2.1.0pre version, but beware ... luke did quite a few
updates in the last weeks :)


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