Administrator account, groups

Ondrej Hanak hanak at
Mon Dec 13 07:47:26 GMT 1999

i have done cca 400 users on samba server. Then i tested couple of them, 
and everything was o.k (homes were mapped well). But administrator can 
not see his home. When i went through Network Neighbrhood to shares i saw 
share administrator, but after trying to go in, message appeared (network 
name is not vaild on network - or something like that). I can't 
understand, why all tested users were o.k. and this pecific not. Everting 
was created automaticly by script with pwdump help. 

The second my problem is groups. Can anybody say how samba deals with this.
For example, how to use 2 or 3 logon scripts, which will be used 
with depending on user's group. 

Thanks for any comment. O.H.

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