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You will never be able to use the Server Tools on 2.0.x - it doesn't
implement the required RPC stuff, and never will. That will be in the 2.1.x
series. If you want to backport the mods to the release branch (called the
"big merge", and has been taking 3 people more than 6 months) please do.

Also note: The CVS branch works "kind of" with the server tools. You can't
create users, add users to groups, or anything like that. It's "view only".

If the person administering the samba server isn't comfortable with doing so
in Unix, I suggest you pay up for NT.

Also, please see:

I recommend using wget to get the entire tree. This will get you the CVS


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I know I have asked before - But I NEED these tools.

When will I be able to use the NT Server tools?

I have tried Samba 2.0.3 - I can see users in UMD but always causes an
illegal operation + RPC error.

Samba2.0.6 - RPC error always,

I can't CVS as I don't have a direct Net connection on the Linux box.


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