Upgrade from 2.05a to 2.06 killed roaming profiles

Robert Estes estes at ece.ucdavis.edu
Fri Dec 10 17:12:52 GMT 1999

I scanned the list, but didn't see anything related.  I upgraded a RedHat
6.0 Linux box from Samba 2.05a to 2.06 (using RPMs from the samba site) and
my roaming profiles started doing wierd things.  Instead of using the
directory specified in logon path (in the [profile] share), all the files
were placed in the users home directory at logout, but didn't seem to be
read at login time.

Changing nothing, specifically, using the same smb.conf file, I downgraded
to 2.05a and everything works - files are read from [profile] at login and
written at logout.  I have no problem staying at 2.05a, but am afraid this
problem will also surface in newer versions as well.

Anyone else witnessed this?  Know how to fix it?

While I've got your attention, is there a way to create a roaming Default
User that is copied into someone's directory the first time they log in?  I
thought I read somewhere that this can be done by putting the default
profile in the [netlogon] share.



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