czech windows filenames problem

Martin Lizner lizner at
Fri Dec 10 14:28:53 GMT 1999


i've set up roaming profiles on samba 205a on linux and it has problems
with few czech windows9x filenames (my samba's character set is iso8859-2
and codepage 852). for example in outlook express (coming with iexplorer
4.x) there are two problematic files: "Posta k odeslani.mbx" and "Posta k
odeslani.idx" (english translation is Outbox.*). samba doesn't read the
space between "k" and "odeslani" as space (32) but ^Z (032) so on ext2 on
linux the file looks like "Posta k^Zodeslani". windows can not read it
than. either it is filename typo of some windows9x programmer or it is
intentional because of two spaces and "k".

any idea for smart solution ? thank you,

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 Konstantinova 1472 Praha 4 CR
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