Access share without password

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>From smb.conf:

# A publicly accessible directory, read/write to all users. Note that all files
# created in the directory by users will be owned by the default user, so
# any user with access can delete any other user's files. Obviously this
# directory must be writable by the default user. Another user could of course
# be specified, in which case all files would be owned by that user instead.
;   path = /usr/somewhere/else/public
;   public = yes
;   only guest = yes
;   writable = yes
;   printable = no

Consider using writable = no and making the files owned by default user (usually


On Fri, Dec 10, 1999 at 05:48:45PM +1100, C.Lee Taylor wrote:
>Hi ...
>    What clients will you be using to access your share?
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>Subject: Access share without password
>> Is it possible to access Samba shares without password?
>> Or how can I define a global group?
>> Can this be done through the smb.conf file or is it a Linux thing?
>> I want that all user from my NT PDC can access the file://server/mdii
>share -
>> only read rights.
>> Thank you,
>> Karl-Heinz
>C.Lee Taylor


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