Printing to Windows 95 PCs

C.Lee Taylor lee.taylor at
Fri Dec 10 07:13:57 GMT 1999

I think this is a Win9X problem, check the  client and remote print server
(I would think these are all are Win9x PC) printer setups, ... START,
SETTINGS, PRINTERS, select your printer then right click to get context
menu, select PROPERTIES, select DETAILS tab, SPOOL SETTINGS, then select

    From the client this should send to the Linux server, the Linux server
LPD (or LPRng, which I believe is better for control and other benefits)
should then send to remote print server ... This should all be a little
quicker ... I think, I have not tested myself, but this all might just see
like a lot of work for a small benefit.

C.Lee Taylor

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> I have a problem with printing from Samba server to Windows 95 PCs. I
> just have a printer server on Linux 2.2.12 with Samba 2.0.6 and I want
> this one spool all printer jobs. But when I have on this server shared
> printers which send jobs to Windows 95 shared printers, all jobs are
> spooled on that PCs. I think that better is to spool them only on
> server, but I have no idea how to do it. Does anybody know how to set up
> it (stop spooling on Windows 95 and let spool only the server)?
> Thanks a lot.
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