Mapping Drive Z

C.Lee Taylor lee.taylor at
Fri Dec 10 07:01:29 GMT 1999

Hi ...

    I see two other options post in the list.  First the two batch files
might cause a little havoc when DOS (Win9x / WFW) wants to find the first
batch file if you use a "Call Login2.Bat" if you don't it might work fine,
but I think this is messy.  Second option to put a batch file into the
Start-up group, well, I think that even more messy because you have to go to
each PC to do the updates ... in that case you might as well update all the
short-cut anyway ...

    I would go with one batch file that map "L:" and the changes to "L:" in
the batch files, as long as if can find the batch file in the current
directory, it should not complain about "Please insert disk with Batch".  If
you need a little more help, please feel free to e-mail me or the group ...
it's about time I gave a little back to our community !!! ...

C.Lee Taylor

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> I found the easyest way to combat this was to put a link in "Startup"
> on the 95's to a batch file contaning
> ------------
> @echo off
> net use z: /delete
> NET USE z: \\<samba server>\homes
> ----------
> I made the link back to \\<samba server>\netlogon\scripts\default95.bat
> that way i could make changes to it if i needed to
> scott
> On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Chris Tooley wrote:
> > I am trying to map a Samba Share with the netlogon batch file on Windows
> > machines to drive Z:, however I am coming up with problems because the
> > script says that \\<samba server>\netlogon is already mapped to Z:.
> > when the machine is logged in, nothing is mapped to Z:.  Is this a
> > issue or a Samba setting?  And, in either case is there a way to change
> > drive letter that netlogon is mapped to for the purpose of running the
> > script?
> >
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