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Oliver Stockhammer oliver at
Thu Dec 9 17:15:16 GMT 1999

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	I have been going through your archives and through the Samba 
NTdomain Proj FAQ, and have found an incredible array of info.  I haven't 
been able to fine a current status of the project as of Nov/Dec 1999.  I 
am looking to use the Samba PDC abilities to control multiple NT domains 
on a Red Hat Linux machine, or to go with Sun's PC Netlinks solution and 
use a Sparc Server.  Of main concern is the seemly inability of Samba to 
address/handle the following:

trust relationships
BDC support

Stability is also a main concern as well, and I have seen that Samba is 
slated to integrate the NTdomain aspect in the 'stable' tree in v2.1.  
How far away is this?

Take Care,
Oliver Stockhammer

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