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The only problem with that is that we are converting from a Novell server
where all of the Database directories for the 30-40 databases in house were
stored were mapped to drive Z: as well as about 8 billion other shortcuts,
all of which will be broken if we map the new share of those things to a
different drive letter.  This wouldn't be a problem if we had users that
understood the concept of changing the driver letter in the shortcuts.
However, changing 10-20 shortcuts on 50-60 machines would take quite a lot
of time, especially when you don't have a clue what those shortcuts are.

Chris Tooley

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I'd let Win9x have it's way with the default Z: drive and map home to U: in
the logon.bat script:

net use U: \\sambaserver\homes /persistent:no /yes

or something like that!

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> I am trying to map a Samba Share with the netlogon batch file on Windows
> machines to drive Z:, however I am coming up with problems because the
> script says that \\<samba server>\netlogon is already mapped to Z:.  But,
> when the machine is logged in, nothing is mapped to Z:.  Is this a Windows
> issue or a Samba setting?  And, in either case is there a way to change
> drive letter that netlogon is mapped to for the purpose of running the
> script?
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