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Thu Dec 9 14:49:59 GMT 1999

Does this go in the global entries?


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Hello Chris,

this is a WinBlows 9x issue. As far as I can tell, Winblows 9x maps
internally drive Z: for profiles, and when the user interface is
available for use, you don´t see that drive mapped anymore.

Unfortunately, during logon script processing, drive Z: is still
mapped by Windows. I use here "logon drive = X:" in smb.conf
to avoid this problem.



Chris Tooley gravada:
> I am trying to map a Samba Share with the netlogon batch file on Windows
> machines to drive Z:, however I am coming up with problems because the
> script says that \\<samba server>\netlogon is already mapped to Z:.  But,
> when the machine is logged in, nothing is mapped to Z:.  Is this a Windows
> issue or a Samba setting?  And, in either case is there a way to change
> drive letter that netlogon is mapped to for the purpose of running the
> script?
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