major architectural "split"

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Thu Dec 9 14:18:05 GMT 1999

I am also happy to hear this.  My only question is, thanks to my naiveity,
what effect will this have on updating the smb.conf?  Will the config file
get split up so services can be stopped and started with a different
configuration without affecting the overall work?  If so, I don't envy you
or the people that write the programs that people use to update those config
files.  But, I do appreciate the work that is done on Samba greatly.

Chris Tooley

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This is fantastic news....

I always shudder when I have to kill an smbd process as it kills so many
other things. Being able to kill a specific service in cases of trouble will
definately improve things over here.

This is great news !


On 08 December 1999 22:37, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
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> i liked unix sockets so much when i wrote smb-agent that i decided to
> write an msrpc-agent too.
> the purpose of this is to be able to split the currently massive smbd
> program into several smaller daemons, such as lsarpc, netlogond, spoolssd,
> svcctld etc.  if people want to add their own daemons (both client and
> server side) then this should be very, very easy to do.
> it should also be possible to mix-and-match development MSRPC daemons with
> stable releases.  why do this?  so that the core SMB file code is
> unaffected by developments in progress in, say, lsarpcd.  a replacement
> lsarpcd that adds, for example, LDAP as the back-end database instead, can
> simply be plugged in... WITHOUT even having to terminate smbd or any of
> the other MSRPC daemons.
> this is the plan.
> the only thing that is a pain is having to transfer unix and nt
> credentials (unix user name, nt domain name, unix uids, gid, groups, NT
> SID and NT Security Descriptor) across a unix pipe from smbd to an msrpc
> daemon (e.g lsarpcd) so that the lsarpcd can inherit the unix and nt
> credentials of the smbd process that fired it up.
> i am not looking forward to having to modify 2.0.x and cvs main to do
> this, but once it is done, it will DEFINITELY make development of samba
> MSRPC services _so_ much easier.
> luke

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