major architectural "split"

Alan Hourihane Alan.Hourihane at
Thu Dec 9 09:15:25 GMT 1999

This is fantastic news....

I always shudder when I have to kill an smbd process as it kills so many
other things. Being able to kill a specific service in cases of trouble will
definately improve things over here.

This is great news !


On 08 December 1999 22:37, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton [SMTP:lkcl at] wrote:
> i liked unix sockets so much when i wrote smb-agent that i decided to
> write an msrpc-agent too.
> the purpose of this is to be able to split the currently massive smbd
> program into several smaller daemons, such as lsarpc, netlogond, spoolssd,
> svcctld etc.  if people want to add their own daemons (both client and
> server side) then this should be very, very easy to do.
> it should also be possible to mix-and-match development MSRPC daemons with
> stable releases.  why do this?  so that the core SMB file code is
> unaffected by developments in progress in, say, lsarpcd.  a replacement
> lsarpcd that adds, for example, LDAP as the back-end database instead, can
> simply be plugged in... WITHOUT even having to terminate smbd or any of
> the other MSRPC daemons.
> this is the plan.
> the only thing that is a pain is having to transfer unix and nt
> credentials (unix user name, nt domain name, unix uids, gid, groups, NT
> SID and NT Security Descriptor) across a unix pipe from smbd to an msrpc
> daemon (e.g lsarpcd) so that the lsarpcd can inherit the unix and nt
> credentials of the smbd process that fired it up.
> i am not looking forward to having to modify 2.0.x and cvs main to do
> this, but once it is done, it will DEFINITELY make development of samba
> MSRPC services _so_ much easier.
> luke

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