is it currently possible to....?

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Wed Dec 8 21:47:29 GMT 1999

With the NT server Resource Kit, there is an console-based executable for adding users (may be native NT, but I think it's in the reskit). I'm sorry, but I can't remember the name of it (useradd.exe or something). It has an option to dump all user accounts to a file, which you can then import or alter it and move it to linux.

I don't know much (nothing) about Macs. Sorry


"Anglin, Shane" wrote:

> Is it currently possible to query the entire database on a NT PDC, and write the usernames and passwords into the password database on a Linux samba box, which I could then force out to all other Linux samba servers.....  the madness behind this is getting Macintoshes (the bane of my existence) to authenticate via Appletalk off the local password file of the Linux samba server.
> Or, if there's a way to have the Macintoshes authenticate off the PDC via Appletalk.....
> Thanks!
> Shane Anglin
> shane.anglin at

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