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I am using Services for Macintosh on NT now, and am not happy with the performance, as I have alot of data moving on them.  MacServerIP did improve performance, but my tests with Linux with Samba and Netatalk are far superior to the NT solution.

The issue with netatalk is that I need it to authenticate of the NT PDC SAM database, and have no solid solution for that yet.

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If I read your e-mail correctly, you want the PC's and your MAC's to
authenticate against an NT PDC correct? All you need to do is add the
services for macintosh service to your NT box. This will allow you to
authenticate and actually print over the network through an NT box. As
for for using smb, you want to check out samba. As for file sharing for
your macintosh's check out a package called netatalk+asun. These will
allow PC
's and MAC's to file share on the same network volumes. Check here for
info and sources for Netatalk 


Hope this helps!!!


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