New CVS Update giving errors

Lonnie J. Borntreger lonnie at
Wed Dec 8 18:15:56 GMT 1999

I finally got it to compile by adding $(LIBSMB_OBJ) and $(RPC_PARSE_OBJ2) to

After further test compiling, I refined the list of objects needed in these
OBJ variables down to: libsmb/pwd_cache.o, libsmb/smbdes.o,
libsmb/smbencrypt.o, rpc_parse/parse_prs.o, rpc_parse/parse_misc.o and

I find it hard to believe that just upgrading a Linux kernel fixes problems
like that, since I tried it on my Linux machine - running 2.2.13 - as well
as my Solaris 7 one, with the same results.

Lonnie Borntreger
PS: Of course I still get a segv when attempting to access a share after
starting the new binaries. Oh well, make revert...
PPS: I also have to add -lresolv on Solaris 7 to find the inet_aton symbol.

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> Grant Wallace wrote:
> > Hi John,
> >
> > johnk at schrieb:
> > > problem solved.
> > >
> >
> > well, thats all I wanted to hear.
> > I hope, my SuSE 5.3 likes updating from 2.0.35 ;-)
> >
> > Grant
> Hi Grant!
>  -I don't know if the incompatability was kernel itself, or
> 'lib' files
> etc, but unfortunately my position does not allow me to explore the
> problem further(it's all Black Magic to me)  I was almost
> ready to give
> up on experimenting with CVS' but I had a newly setup system running
> Slackware 7/kernel 2.2.13 and I decided to try a build, and voila!
> -As far as upgrading goes, the docs I read scared me to the
> point where
> I felt the safest route was a fresh install! -on our 24 Gb, Raid-0,
> Intranet Mirror-Server no less!! What A Pain! This machine is
> earmarked
> for double duty to replace our NT logon server, and 'wean' our network
> off MS dependancy once and for all, so my options were limited.
> -sorry to Lonnie B.   -can't offer any suggestions on Solaris 7
> - I see several others are having similar problems, maybe someone 'in
> the know' can offer a more useful solution, or better yet , a fix!
>         -cheers all
>                             --John Krivak

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