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Kevin Colby kevinc at
Wed Dec 8 14:48:39 GMT 1999

Klaus Kappel wrote:
> Ondrej Hanak schrieb:
> >
> > I red (in docs) that there is a problem with profiles located in home
> > dirs, cause some strange problems appear after few logins and logouts.
> > Is this problem already solved or it's still recommended to have
> > profiles in other location than user's homes?
> AFAIK, it was a matter of design und usability. some users might
> delete or move the directory profiles by accident or ignorance.

Actually, as I understand it, it has to do with some subtleties
in the way NT "logs out" versus the way 9x "logs out".  Something
about how NT doesn't reconnect the profile share until after
the next login session starts, so if it were a user's home, the
loggin in user may not have permission to the share, and hence,
no profile.

There really is no "solution" on the samba end in that case.
NT is just funky like that.

	- Kevin Colby
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Of course, if I'm just completely wrong, someone enlighten us all.

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