Machine specific shares

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Wed Dec 8 14:22:14 GMT 1999

> 	Is it possible to give only certain machines in the domain access
> specific shares or specific parts of a share?  For instance, I have a
> group of apps stored on a share.  I have a base campuswide lab image that
> has links to these apps, but even though the links are available all over
> campus the dept in using the apps wants to only be able to access these
> apps from a certain lab.  Thus, I would need to make those apps accessible
> only by certain machines or possibly put them in a new share that those
> machines only can connect to.  Is this possible?  Suggestions?

my suggestion:

do an include %m.conf

then have the machine specific profile point to a lab general conf file
or do symlinks from the %m's to the lab specific conf file.

then only machines w/those names get the shares and info in those conf


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