Harald Hannelius Harald at iki.fi
Wed Dec 8 09:32:17 GMT 1999

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, LEYMARIE Gerard wrote:

> Would you please say if I'm wrong:

You are wrong ;)

> If I use encrypted password, I can't synchronize NT password and Unix
> password (ex: YP password)

You can, but that practically requires you to run samba on the nis master.
On the nis master, you can use the regular unix tools (passwd,chpasswd and
friends) to achieve that.. 

Have a look at the 'unix password sync' and 'password chat'
params.. Here's mine working example:

        unix password sync = yes
        passwd chat = *word: %n\n *word: %n\n *changed*
        passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u

So, after that you want to replace the std passwd program on the clients
with e.g. a shellscript that looks like this:

${smbpasswd} -r ${rmhost} 

(essentially 'smbpasswd -r sambaserver' where sambaserver is the same as
the nis-master)

This way, when a user changes his samba password, the unix password gets
changed to the same. You might have to HUP the 'ypserv' process to get it
to rebuild its db, YMMV..

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