INQUIRY, was: RE: smbpasswd not finding smbpasswd file

Jason A. Diegmueller jason at
Wed Dec 8 01:15:24 GMT 1999

|  I'm having no problems.
|  using a version from 9-24-99
|  added 400+ users with it.
|  NT - wkstations DC'd by samba 2.1prealpha and file/print 
|  served to 2.0.6

I checked out new CVS code about a week ago, and have tried
every day since with the exact same problem. (the domain
password server not available)

The solution for me was simply a "workaround" as opposed to a
solution, but it did get my client up and running again:  checkout
code from "21 days ago" with CVS.

So, in this case, code from 9-24-99 would work theoretically
work fine.  It's just the more recent (7-10 days?) CVS code that
seems to be displaying the issue.  

In my case, the machine is a Linux 2.2.13pre12 SMP machine.

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