smbpasswd not finding smbpasswd file

Steve Litt slitt at
Tue Dec 7 15:45:30 GMT 1999

I got the same error (Domain password server not available) on
samba-2.1-19991203.tar.gz running on both RH60 and RH61. Many people have
been getting this error. If we can find some people using 12/3/1999 or
later releases that *do not* get this error maybe we can exploit the
differences and find the root cause.

Steve Litt

At 02:21 AM 12/08/1999 +1100, S. Striker wrote:
>Hi there,
>Is there anyone who knows by what this is caused?
>Does it only occur on Linux platforms, or on other
>platforms too?
>Is it fixable on the short term? Without it other
>new code in te HEAD branch can also not be brought
>into practice.
>Sander Striker
>> Hi Joel,
>> You are using the latest cvs-version?
>> Some people including me had the same problem.
>> you can try to check out an earlier version
>> cvs update -D "1 month ago"
>> Grant
>> >It gives me the following:
>> >	Domain password server not available.
>> >	Can't setup password database vectors.

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