Connecting to NT PDC

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Tue Dec 7 13:16:05 GMT 1999

"Loo, Joseph" schrieb:
> I am relatively new at Samba. I am trying to connect a Samba server to > the NT domain within my company. I have been experencing several 
> problems with the server:
>     1.  It takes about 2 days before the PDC recognize the samba 
>         server. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Typically, WINS server conflicts! TTL of WINS records is about 2-5 days.
You should make sure, that there is only one WINS server in your

>     2.  The system intermittenly connects to the system. If I connect >         on NT (plain word password) under homes

You should have encrypted passwords and workstation accounts:

1. workstation$ in /etc/passwd
2. workstation in smbpasswd

>     3.  I created a share, MFG_Docs. It is suppose to be open to 
>         anyone for read. If I do a direct connect
>         from any user not connected to the system it keeps asking for 
>         user/password. 
> [Mfg_Docs]
>         comment = Directory containing manufacturing documents
>         path = /home/docs/mfg
>         guest account = pdfrd
>         write list = valdez
>         guest ok = Yes

Write list overrides guest ok. AFAIK

>         encrypt passwords = Yes

>         password server = *
you could point to your PDC by NETBIOS name


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