NT services

rbrand at esg-gmbh.de rbrand at esg-gmbh.de
Tue Dec 7 10:34:43 GMT 1999


I'm using samba as PDC. Now I have the following problems :

I would like to use the "at" command from Windows-NT for
batch programming. In the logfile I get a message like "wrong password,
login failed",
nothing happened.

A similar problem is that I have a programm (clearcase from rational),
which would
like to create a user on my NT-domain during setup ! I got the same
messages in the logfile.

What do I have to set in the smb.conf that nt-services can act ?! Does
anyone know something
about this services ? Do I have to include them in the /etc/passwd,
/etc/group ? do they need
special rights ?

Thank you in advanced

R. Brand

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