Unable to connect after changing NT PDC's name

Frank Yu fancieryu at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 7 21:06:22 GMT 1999

I had set up an samba (2.0.5a) on a solaris 2.5.1 box in domain mode
on an NT domain and it worked well. Later, I get a new server and
decided to replace the old PDC named as cat_svr and move all the shared 
files from old PDC to the new server. I installed the new server as 
cat_new_svr as a BDC. Later I upgraded the BDC to PDC
and shutdown the original PDC. Then I change the new server's name
to the original PDC name cat_svr. After that, my windoze 95 box
works happily but my samba refused to work ever since, it shows
"server cat_svr refused to connect".
I deleted and re-created the samba machine account on PDC and try
"smbpasswd -j domain" the PDC still refuse to connect.
Does any people know the reason any any way out for this problem

thanks in advance.

Frank Yu

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