Question on RPC error and samba error message

Viraj Alankar valankar at
Mon Dec 6 03:57:24 GMT 1999


	We are running an older Samba PDC version (circa February 1999)
that up until now was going very smoothly. We have one NT workstation
which is part of the samba domain and acts as print server for the domain.
Clients also part of the domain map network print shares from that print

	Just recently we have been having problems printing, and clients
are getting the message:

RPC Service Unavailable

	The printer is basically inaccessible at that point. Rebooting the
print server, or even just waiting awhile, seems to fix it. Now this does
not seem Samba related to me, but I want to make sure. I don't see any
errors reported by samba when this happens. We have been recently adding
more and more users to the domain so I'm wondering if it could be samba
related. Anyone know what could be going wrong?

	Apparently unrelated to this, we also receive many of the
following error messages from samba:

  check_access_allowed_for_current_user: The process is no longer waiting!

	I read somewhere this is a waitpid() failing. Is this something we
should worry about?

	Thanks for any help.


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