Problem with WinNT SP6 after Joining Samba Domain

Mike Harris mike at
Fri Dec 3 19:03:55 GMT 1999

Perhaps if Microsoft we using Linux, Apache and Samba, they might be able to
provide a better web service eh? ;-)
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> Matthew Miller wrote:
> > We're investigating the SP6 issue for WIN NT.  According to PCWeek, SP6
> > some problems with upper TCP ports.  More specifically, only users with
> > Admin rights are able to access them.  This was made public with Lotus
> > Notes, since it uses TCP port 1352.  My advice:  Test all your apps
> > upgrading your production servers.  We're doing that in-house right now.
> > SP6 is a valuable upgrade since it patches many many security holes
> > (identified in the MS advisories).  Unfortunately, we're holding off
> > we're sure we'll be okay.
> >
> > Just some advice from a closet MCP :)
> There is a service pack SP6a, which is SP6 + the fix for this.  According
> MSKB, if you already have SP6 installed, obtain Q245678i.exe, which is
just the
> hot fix for the above problem.
> By the way, Service Pack information was much easier to find on
> rather than trying to search through MS's site (but
> perhaps I don't know how to search MS's site correctly, and it's dog slow
> besides).
> Andy.

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