Group Mapping

Luke Leighton lkcl at
Fri Dec 3 18:43:18 GMT 1999

hi ross,

the "domain  group/user/alias map" options are monotonic and unique
mappings between users, groups and aliases in any NT domain or on any NT 
workstation to local unix users and groups.

local to your unix box means it could be different unix users or groups on
a per-unix+samba box basis).

you know, people always worried about how to make unix boxes span large
corporations, when the underlying password database has to conform to a
flat model.

by using samba, i hope to eliminate that problem, although you of course
would have to have your unix box look like NT in order to do it :-)

to answer your question: you will have to create a separate unix group in
which all of the users that are also in the three groups acct, admin and
devel, and then have that group mapped to "Domain Users".

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