Problem with WinNT SP6 after Joining Samba Domain

Andy Bakun abakun at
Fri Dec 3 17:30:57 GMT 1999

Matthew Miller wrote:

> We're investigating the SP6 issue for WIN NT.  According to PCWeek, SP6 has
> some problems with upper TCP ports.  More specifically, only users with
> Admin rights are able to access them.  This was made public with Lotus
> Notes, since it uses TCP port 1352.  My advice:  Test all your apps before
> upgrading your production servers.  We're doing that in-house right now.
> SP6 is a valuable upgrade since it patches many many security holes
> (identified in the MS advisories).  Unfortunately, we're holding off till
> we're sure we'll be okay.
> Just some advice from a closet MCP :)

There is a service pack SP6a, which is SP6 + the fix for this.  According to
MSKB, if you already have SP6 installed, obtain Q245678i.exe, which is just the
hot fix for the above problem.
By the way, Service Pack information was much easier to find on rather than trying to search through MS's site (but then,
perhaps I don't know how to search MS's site correctly, and it's dog slow


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