Need advise on which version to use

Federico Heinz fheinz at
Fri Dec 3 16:43:54 GMT 1999

I am trying to get rid of NT as a domain server. The network I'm trying
to set up consist of: several Linux boxes (one of them running SaMBa),
about 10 Windoze clients, and one NT 3.51-based Citrix application
server (just in case: the Citrix server allows users to log in remotely
to the machine using a client application that gives them access to all
apps as if they were sitting at the server's console
 somewhat like
using X to remotely execute applications). Users should be able to log
both into the Windoze clients and the Citrix server with their Linux
login, and use the shared ressources exported from the SaMBa server. The
Citrix server does not export any resources whatsoever except for the
ability to log into it.

I tried to get this setup working with SaMBa 2.0.6, and failed. I did
manage to get it working with a version checked out from the HEAD
version, but with the usual problems: not everything works every time. I
would like to know whether SaMBa 2.0.6 should have been able to do the
job (and I just was too stupid to configure it correctly), or whether
I'm stuck with the development version if I want it to work at all.

Thank you in advance,

    Federico Heinz

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