Help with Administrative privileges for users

Melissa Thrush mmt4q at
Fri Dec 3 15:53:51 GMT 1999


Okay.  I have Samba PDC 2.0.5a working (Solaris 2.6 NIS) and have
a user logging in getting his roaming profile.  However he
needs to install software on his local machine which requires
Administrative privileges.  In samba I have the UNIX "staff" group
(me and my coworker) setup to be domain administrators with the entry:

    domain admin group = @staff

This works fine.  But I don't want to add this individual user to
this group because then he'll have Admin privileges on all the pcs
who are members of the PDC.

Is my only option to create a "local" profile on his machine and give
him administrative privileges?  But then he'll have two separate profiles,
and it's likely they won't both be kept in sync.


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