No clue..SMBD question

Chris Lubrecht chrisl at
Thu Dec 2 22:49:37 GMT 1999

I am currently trying to set up the newest version of Samba on a BSDI
machine.  The BSDI release comes with version 1.9.18p10. I can get that
version to run fine as both a stand alone Daemon and in inetd. The problem I
have is when I try to run the latest version of smbd. The log files say smbd
starts fine, but I cannot connect, and ps -aux returns that the process is
not running..  The problem does not seem to be with smb.conf, as I can use
the exact same smb.conf file with the old version and everything works fine.
I can see nothing in the logs that says smbd is crashing or not I said.. it appears as if it is starting fine.  Anyone
experience the same problem or similar?

Chris Lubrecht
Network Engineering
Monmouth Internet
Red Bank, NJ

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